Useful terminal commands (Mac OS Linux)

There are some commands I always seem to forget and whenever I want to use them I have to search and page through a couple of blogs to find exactly what I’m looking for, so I decided to start this post with useful commands I don’t want to search for again…

## File copy / backup
To synchronize/backup files from my mac to my external HDD (especially my VMs) I use the following command:

-v is for verbose mode
-a is for archive (which includes recursive)
--inplace does a partial overwrite of just the blocks that changed
--progress shows the progress and estimated remaining time to finish

## Remote Terminal to Amazon Ubuntu AMI

-i switch to use an identity file

## Run second instance of Skype

another-user-account is a different account than currently logged in with
– if the keychain dialog asks for password, you can click Cancel

## Repair a corrupted exFat drive on Mac OS

diskutil list shows a list of all devices
device would be the corrupted exFat partition e.g. disk0s4

## Using Find to background watch and compile all .coffee files recursively

– In order to exec with & we need to pass it to a new shell

## Kill all processes by name – _CAUTION!_

– First view all process containing name
– Then list and kill all processes containing name by process id

## Mount a VirtualBox shared folder on Ubuntu VM

## Disable Mac Dashboard

If you don’t want the Mac OS dashboard, you can disable it with the following:

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