Useful timer bookmarklet for scrum or other meetings

Since I regularly find myself in scrum meetings that run overtime, I started looking for a way to extend our current scrum tool ([][1]) to show a visible countdown timer during the meeting. I wanted it to give each team member an equal share of time and indicate when their speaking turn is running out. Scrum tools are a dime a dosen and we’ve switched between a few already, so I decided to implement the timer as a generic bookmarklet.


Being a bookmarklet I had to keep it generic for any page, and had to implement an improved [ResourceLoader script][2], which takes an array of scripts and/or CSS resources and loads them dynamically. As mentioned, since I don’t know on which page it will be used, I had to update the loadResources script to first test if the required libraries are already loaded and if not, to fetch them and callback when ready.


For the design I came u with the following requirements:

When clicked, the bookmarklet should show a floating, semi-transparent window with controls to set the total duration for the meeting and the number of turns, each with a name. When it has enough data, it should start the timer and show a progressbar indicating the lapsed time. When a turn is at 75% of its allocated time, the progressbar should turn orange and when at 90% it should turn red.

The result is below … to try it out, drag the link below to your toolbar.

Meeting Timer

For the iPhone, you can bookmark any page and then edit it and paste the following in the Address of the bookmark:

If you want to have a look at the code, its available at [][3] and [google code][4]


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