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Mobile Apps: Rapid Development

The target of this article is to take some of my best practices and process flow and form a recipe for building a mobile app with the least amount of effort going into plumbing and setup.

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I’m **super** excited to announce a public beta of my new Invoicing app! With the Invoicing App you can connect to your asana projects and easily generate line items for completed tasks. A neatly printable invoice can be saved

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New iPhone app Plan my call

[box type=”shadow”]*The app will soon be available on the iTunes App Store and is no longer available for public testing. Thanks to all who participated.*[/box]   I’m proud to announce that my first iPhone app has just gone into public

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Useful timer bookmarklet for scrum or other meetings

Since I regularly find myself in scrum meetings that run overtime, I started looking for a way to extend our current scrum tool ([][1]) to show a visible countdown timer during the meeting. I wanted it to give each team

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MovieFiler – A Console App To Organize Your Movie Collection Through IMDB

### Organizing a movie collection Although iTunes does a very good job of organizing and tagging movie files, if you want to reference your movies by Imdb rating, genre or year of release without the need of a software package,

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