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Meteor 1.0 App Bootstrapper

To save time when creating a new [Meteor]( app just the way I like it, I’ve created a barebones bootstrapper on [](

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Mobile Apps: Rapid Development

The target of this article is to take some of my best practices and process flow and form a recipe for building a mobile app with the least amount of effort going into plumbing and setup.

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Rolling your own VPS with multiple meteor/nodejs apps

Below is my process for setting up a new VPS to serve one or more bundled meteor apps (could be read as nodejs apps). Once the droplet is created, I normally add a swap file to help with memory management

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Batch image resize script for bash/automator

Handy bash script to resize and replace images passed as arguments. Change w and h for your own requirements. If imagemagick is installed, it will use mogrify command or else it will fall back to sips. The resize keeps the

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Cakefile to combine, compile and minify sets of coffeescript files

A handy cakefile script to define how your coffeescript files should be combined and minified.

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