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I’m **super** excited to announce a public beta of my new Invoicing app! With the Invoicing App you can connect to your asana projects and easily generate line items for completed tasks. A neatly printable invoice can be saved

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EC2 server setup for Node / Meteor / WordPress Network

A tutorial / set of notes as well as sample scripts on how to configure an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu server for running a WordPress Network together with custom NodeJS / Meteor apps. Lots of credit to Jed Richards for his

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Python script to get new nature wallpapers on both screens in OS X

Today I was a little frustrated by staring into the same old wallpapers and decided to get something new to look at. I wanted both screens to update with a random “nature” photo and love [][1]’s variety.

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SinglePageApplication (SPA) with MVC 4 RC installed

I was recently playing around with the [SPA scaffolding from Steve Sanderson][1] and after installing MVC 4 RC my project stopped compiling for a number of reasons. Searching on the web made it clear that the SPA scaffolding would only

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Useful terminal commands (Mac OS Linux)

There are some commands I always seem to forget and whenever I want to use them I have to search and page through a couple of blogs to find exactly what I’m looking for, so I decided to start this

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