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Meteor 1.0 App Bootstrapper

To save time when creating a new Meteor app just the way I like it, I’ve created a barebones bootstrapper on

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Mobile Apps: Rapid Development

The target of this article is to take some of my best practices and process flow and form a recipe for building a mobile app with the least amount of effort going into plumbing and setup.

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Rolling your own VPS with multiple meteor/nodejs apps

Below is my process for setting up a new VPS to serve one or more bundled meteor apps (could be read as nodejs apps). If I need to host some websites on the same box, I typically start off by

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First50 – bringing the coolest products to SA


I’m very excited to see our new eCommerce site go live this week. Its called First50 and is totally focussed on finding the coolest new products from all over the world and make them available to South Africans. We built

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Batch image resize script for bash/automator

Handy bash script to resize and replace images passed as arguments. Change w and h for your own requirements. If imagemagick is installed, it will use mogrify command or else it will fall back to sips. The resize keeps the

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