With the Invoicing App you can connect to your asana projects and easily generate line items for completed tasks. A neatly printable invoice can be saved as PDF and emailed to your client. When you get paid, you can easily capture the amount to see the balance or to mark the invoice as paid.

The beta version is available at [](

## Smart Paper Feel

Simple and smart. No complicated forms and steps to follow, simply change what you see and print what you get.

### Responsive Design

The app was designed to work great on your desktop as well as your tablet. It even works well on your mobile.

### Interfaces with asana

Just set your Asana API key and import completed tasks (that are not yet archived) from any project into new line items.

  • TJ

    is there a reason download or email aren’t included at output options? it’s a really great app thank you

    • JacoSwarts

      Hi TJ

      The ability to download and/or email a pdf is definitely on the roadmap, you can vote for the feature here:

      In the mean time, if you use chrome or safari, you can simply select “PDF” from the printing dialog to save a local pdf file, which you can then attach to an email.

  • This looks great. Any idea how much it will cost?

    • JacoSwarts

      Thanks Alex. The plan is to keep it free. From time to time we might try to raise some funding for new features though.

  • Hi Jaco

    Where are you based? Interesting app you’ve developed. 🙂 Been using Asana since the beginning and you’ve done some great work!

    • JacoSwarts

      Hi Alex, I’m also a big fan of the asana app, they seem to get it just right! I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa.

      • Interesting! I’m from Cape Town myself, but been travelling for 3 years. Currently in Seville, Spain, but heading back in a week or so. Looking forward coming home! Where in CPT are you based?

        • JacoSwarts

          During business hours, Woodstock, in the embrace of table mountain overlooking the harbour 🙂